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Record and Radio Mirror - 16 February 1974, Page 1 of PDF

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Lena's single moves up the charts from number 30 to number 16, Page 2 of PDF


chart chatter

MUD face seven days of torment! Suzi Quatro motors her way up at fast speed to two. Lulu is at three. Will they topple Mud. Could it be The Wombles for a number one? Sweet, Andy and Cozy look as if they 've blown it. Chart Chatter was informed by Mud that they do like Teenage Rampage, inspite of rumours and words to the contrary in fiery columns elsewhere.

Alice Cooper and Marc Bolan continue to climb somewhat slowly. Love Unlimited cause surprise, just one the right way. Foreever now fading. Stevie up two. Heard the album cut yet? Radar Love on the way to being a small chart blip, Lena Zavaroni is incredible for a ten-year-old, for a twenty-year-old, she movers up 14. I don't like the song but it's very commercial.'