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Billboard - 30 March 1974, Page 90 of PDF

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Capital Radio is refusing to play the chart -topping single by Paper Lace, "Billy Don't Be a Hero. "-The record, which reached No. 1 in the Music Week charts recently has been played consistently on Radio One, but has never been featured on the Capital playlist.

The music director of London's independent commercial radio station, Aiden Day said: "We are not playing Paper Lace and we are not playing Lena Zavaroni, Bay City Rollers, Freddie Starr and Hudson Ford.

"We play a certain kind of music and I do not think these records are suitable. I compile the playlist and it seems to work well without these records."

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Billboard - Hits of the World

BRITAIN — Lena Zavaroni's single Ma! (He's Making Eyes At Me) moves down the charts from number 14 to number 17.