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Billboard - 25 May 1975, Page 1 of PDF

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Billboard - 25 May 1975, Page 21 of PDF

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Billboard - 25 May 1975, Page 24 of PDF

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Everybody Will Be Making Eyes at Lena

LOS ANGELES—America might as well get ready, because there's no way Lena Zavaroni isn't going to be a hit via massive TV talkshow and variety hour exposure. Lena is a Scottish 10-year-old who just happens to have a voice about as powerful as Ethel Merman's.

Nat Freedland

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Scottish Lass (Continued from page 21)

Lena's Italian surname comes from an immigrant grandfather. Her parents operate a fish & chips restaurant on Bute and perform regularly at the island's main pub. Lena began joining the singing along at the age of two.

Nat Freedland