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Philips must have been very pleased with the BBC 2 Bachelors programmes, especially as they featured that other record star, Miss Lena Zavaroni, on whom I have more than a passing crush (second childhood in my case). Yet every other customer who buys her LPs tells me that she wears the wrong clothes - that she should look a little less like a youngster, and more of a teen queen. Well, I don't know. Children grow up fast enough, and in a few years time, Lena will no doubt be having her share of chart-busters. 1 suppose it's the quality of her voice that gets you - not unlike Teresa Brewer's, and you just wonder how such a voice comes from such a small bundle of humanity. No, I think Lena is very wisely being herself, and I appreciate the sacrifice she has made in leaving a delightful part of Scotland to cheer our days. No comparison intended but that reminds me; I'm thinking of putting the Shirley Temple Golden Hour LP in the window, marked, "As banned by the LBA." That should help business.

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