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Cast and CrewRepeat 10 December 1976Repeat 3 September 1977
Lena appears in a comedy sketch with Des, and performs Some Of These Days.
HostDes O'connorscriptMike Craig
GuestLena ZavaroniscriptLawrie Kinsley
GuestJoan SandersonscriptRon Mcdonnell
GuestMartin DalescriptDes O'connor
GuestJenny Lee-wrightDirectorColin Clews
GuestEli WoodsProducerColin Clews
GuestJohn VyvyanProduction CompanyATV
GuestFelix Bowness
GuestDash's Chimpanzees
GuestJack Parnell and his Orchestra
The Times - 10 December 1976Repeat 10 December 1976

Date: Friday, Dec. 10, 1976 - Publication: The Times (London, England) - Issue: 59883.
UK Regions That repearted the programme
  • Associated Television (ATV)
  • Anglia Television
  • Border Television
  • Grampian Television
  • Granada Television
  • Scottish Television (STV)
  • Southern Television
  • Tyne Tees Television
  • Ulster Television
  • Yorkshire Television
Facebook PostRepeat 3 September 1977

#onthisday LWT repeated this episode of Des O'connor, It's still better than the International pop prom

Posted by TVARK on Tuesday, 3 September 2019
UK Regions That repearted the programme
  • Scottish Television (STV)
  • Other regions will get added as and when I can confirm them