Lena appears in a comedy sketch with Des, and performs Some Of These Days.


HostDes O'connor
GuestLena Zavaroni
GuestJoan Sanderson
GuestMartin Dale
GuestJenny Lee-wright
GuestEli Woods
GuestJohn Vyvyan
GuestFelix Bowness
GuestDash's Chimpanzees
GuestJack Parnell and his Orchestra


scriptMike Craig
scriptLawrie Kinsley
scriptRon Mcdonnell
scriptDes O'connor
DirectorColin Clews
ProducerColin Clews
Production CompanyATV

The Times - 10 December 1976

Date: Friday, Dec. 10, 1976 - Publication: The Times (London, England) - Issue: 59883.

Repeat 10 December 1976

UK Regions That repearted the programme
Associated Television (ATV)
Anglia Television
Border Television
Grampian Television
Granada Television
Scottish Television (STV)
Southern Television
Tyne Tees Television
Ulster Television
Yorkshire Television

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#onthisday LWT repeated this episode of Des O'connor, It's still better than the International pop prom

Posted by TVARK on Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Repeat 3 September 1977

UK Regions That repearted the programme
Scottish Television (STV)
other regions will get added as and when I can confirm them