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In the week of Britain’s round of the World Motor Racing Championship - The British Grand Prix stars from the world of entertainment and the world’s top Grand Prix drivers share the stage at the Royal Albert Hall.

Lena performs a live version of This Is My Song, and is then serenaded by Henry Cooper and Barrie Gill, with their version of Lena, My Little Honey Lena.



Unknown Apart From Obviously Being DancersThe Minstrel Dancers
Welsh singerShirley Bassey
British Pop GroupBrotherhood of Man
British jazz BandThe Chris Barber Band
Scottish SingerLena Zavaroni
Irish Singer - Unable To Confirmed At This TimeVincent Zara
Motorsport CommentatorBarrie Gill
AstronomerPatrick Moore
British Racing DriverJames Hunt
British heavyweight boxerHenry Cooper
British Formula One Racing DriverJackie Stewart
Austrian Formula One driverNiki Lauda
British Racing Driver from WalesTom Pryce
South African Formula One Racing DriverJody Scheckter
Italian-born American Racing DriverMario Andretti
Brazilian Automobile Racing DriverEmerson Fittipaldi
English Grand Prix Motorcycle Road Racer And Formula One DriverJohn Surtees


ProducerErnest Maxin
ProducerStewart Morris
LightingHubert Cartwright
DesignerKen Starkey
ConductorArthur Greenslade
ConductorRonnie Hazlehurst
ChoreographyGeraldine Yates
SoundChris Holcombe
Production CompanyBBC