Recorded on 1 October 1976 for broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on the 2 October 1976.

Sender Freies Berlin (SFB) played host to BBC Radio 2.

Given before an audience in The Grosse Sendesaal, West Berlin.


Introduced byLiane Rudolph for Sender Freies Berlin (SFB)
Introduced byRobin Boyle for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Robert Farnon and the BBC Radio Orchestra
Leader:Michael Tomalin
Alyn Ainsworth and the Radio Big Band
Leader:Nigel Carter
Guest artist:Tony Christie
Guest artist:Jackie Trent
Guest artist:Lena Zavaroni
Producer:Peter Lichtwitz for Sender Freies Berlin (SFB)
Producer:Brian Willey for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
BBC Genome:Berlin Greets London - 2 October 1976


It’s unconfirmed but more than likely that Alyn Ainsworth was involved in the musical arrangements/conducting of the music played for Lena Zavaroni’s songs as he was involved in many of the TV shows on which Lena Zavaroni performed.