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Front Cover Summary Insert From The Listings Page Between The Lines

Front Cover

Front Cover


Front cover and two page article inside to promote Lena's appearance on You're Never Too Old.

Lena reveals that she is now 4'10" tall, gets £5 a week pocket money [1]

with a pound a week extra if she keeps off fatty foods like spaghetti and sweets. [2]

She says that she hates arithmetic and ballet, and had a boyfriend recently whom she 'bonked' on the head. She also predicts that she'll get married when she is 26 [3].


Insert From The Listings Page

Small photo of Lena as an old lady on the listings page for the show

Between The Lines

1. ^ Lena had been and still was at the time of the article a working child so it goes to show the control over her by those around her that she saw her income as pocket money.

2. ^ So at 13 years, 6 months, & 24 days Lena confirms in the TVTimes that she was being paid £1.00 a week to stay anorexic yet nobody picked it up or did anything about it.

3. ^ On 30 September 1989 At 25 years, 10 months, & 26 days she married Peter Wiltshire.