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Up Close and Personal With the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

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Lena opens the show with the cast in the Studio, and then the Crystal Palace Sports Centre, with a song and dance version of the Hi Summer theme song.

Next she appears, paddling a canoe in the Dinosaur section of the Lower Lake of Crystal Palace Park, singing I Had A Brontosaurus.

Later she performs I'm Gonna Run Away From You whilst skipping.

Lena ends the show getting a piggy back ride from Leslie Crowther, as the cast say goodbye.


Leslie Crowther
Anna Dawson
Pearly Gates
Mari Gordon-Price
Derek Griffiths
Carl Wayne
Lena Zavaroni


Musical accompanimentThe Alyn Ainsworth Orchestra
ChoreographerDougie Squires
Composer of theme musicLynsey de Paul
Singer of theme songCarl Wayne
Production DesignBryce Walmsley
ProducerBruce Gowers
producerDougie Squires
Production CompanyLondon Weekend Television (LWT)