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Screenshot of Lena Zavaroni on Cabaret Showtime, 13 June 1978


The Wishaw Press 9 June 1978, page 14, clipping


In this episode of the programme recorded at the Civic Centre, Motherwell, Jimmy Logan introduces his special guest Lena Zavaronl also featuring The New Seekers, Danny Street, Andy Cameron and Alex Welsh and His Band.


PresenterJimmy Logan
Special GuestLena Zavaroni
GuestDanny Street
GuestAndy Cameron
GuestAlex Welsh And His Band
GuestThe New Seekers


BandBrian Fahey and the Scottish Radio' Orchestra
Band LeaderIan Tyre
ScriptGary Chambers
ScriptWallt Makston
ChoreographerBrian Rodgers
LightingRoy Smith
SoundAlan Bunting
SoundRon Allan
DesignerHelen Rae
ProducerIain MacFadyen
Production companyBBC Scotland