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Billboard - 10 February 2004, Page 1 of PDF

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Billboard - 10 February 2004, Page 105 of PDF

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Ibgui Launches Twin Labels

PARIS — Charles Ibgui, former managing director of Carabine Musique here, has launched his own record company Atoll featuring two Labels, Atoll and Jonathan, and the outfit will also embrace music publishing interests.

First product is by the Queen Samantha group. on Jonathan, and upcoming will be recordings by U.K. singer Lena Zavaroni (also Jonathan), plus an emphasis on film music.

Ibgui says the Atoll catalog already comprises 200 titles, many from U.S. independents signed to license deals when he was recently in the U.S. First publishing step in the acquisition of the Buenos Dias Argentina titles.


Currently I only know of one single released on the Jonathan Label related to Lena