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Music Week, 1 March 1980
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Music Week, 1 March 1980
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Clyde Factors hosts awards

CLYDE FACTORS, fourth annual Scotstar Record Awards show promises to be as big, and entertaining, an event as its predecessors. In association with the record industry, the Scottish distributor is hosting "a great get together" at Glasgow's Albany Hotel tonight (February 27) — giving Scottish dealers a rare chance to socialise with manufacturers.</p>

The show, once again produced by Archie McCulloch, will include presentation of the awards:

  • personality of the year — Lena Zavaroni;
  • Scotland's international entertainer — Andy Stewart;
  • best female singer — Isobel Buchanan;
  • best comedy record — Hector Nicol;
  • best folk group — Tannahill Weavers;
  • best vocal group — Sunshine;
  • best Scottish single — Valerie Dunbar;
  • best Scottish country dance band — Jimmy Johnstone and his band;
  • best-selling pipe band — Dysart and Dundonald;
  • best accordion ensemble — Currie Brothers;
  • best original show — Scotland The What?.

Clyde Factors chairman, Eddie Woolfson was on safe ground in predicting "a night to remember" when announcing the awards.