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Screenshot 1

The opening theme for series 2 was based on various sports along with Lena travelling on a train and the theme song was Roses and Rainbows

Screenshot 2

Lena Zavaroni and Dick Emery


More details coming soon!


Hostess: Lena Zavaroni
Episode 1: Rod Hull and Emu
Episode 1: Lulu
Episode 2: Spike Milligan
Episode 2: Sheeba
Episode 3: Kiki Dee
Episode 3: Wayne Sleep
Episode 4: Little and Large
Episode 4: Gilbert O'Sullivan
Episode 5: Norman Collier
Episode 5: Nana Mouskouri
Episode 6: Dick Emery
Episode 6: Anne Murray


Jane Ash
Mary Compe
Amba Dene
Bobby kingley
Tanya Lee
Debbie Stuckey
Danny John-Jules
Sean Kay
Eddie Kemp
Robert wheeler
John Willett
Trevor Willis


Musical Arrangements: John Colemen
Musical Arrangements: Arthur GrennSlad
Musical Arrangements: Alan Roper
Vocal Backing: The Kay Garner Singers
Script: Nomma Hill
Make Up: Wayne Sleep
Costume: Darinda Rea
Production Team: Barbara Cox, Wendy Hatch and Lydia Seton
Technical Manager: Lance Wood
Senior Cameraman: Ron Green
Visual Mixer: Paul del Buauga
V.T. Editor: John Sillitto
Production Assistant: Geoff Milles
Sound: Hugh Barker
Lighting: Dickie Higham
Production: Stewart Morris