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Lena's Section Of The Show



Lena sings a live version of Going Nowhere, before chatting to Bob Langley about her life, career and health.

She describes how the recording of "Be A Clown" for the television show Bring on the Girls was faulty and the van taking the seals home had to be found and turned back so that it could be re-recorded.

She then performs a live version of Roses And Rainbows. During her performace her necklace breaks, but Lena carries on as if nothing had happened.

At the end of the show she plays tambourine with Kenny Ball's Jazzmen, in a short Jazz number as the credits roll.


Presenter:Bob Langley
Presenter:Jenny Hanley
On screen participant:Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen
On screen participant:Lena Zavaroni
On screen participant:Derek Nimmo
On screen participant:Bill Wyman


Musical director:Arthur Greenslade
Design:Sally Williams
Sound:David Weir
Lighting:Alec Robson
Lighting:Barry Chatfield
Director:Roy Norton
Producer:Roy Ronnie
Production company:BBC Television