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Screenshot & Cast Details Crew
Bonnie Langford, Lena Zavaroni and Eamonn Andrews
HostEamonn Andrews
Guest of HonourBonnie Langford
GuestLena Zavaroni
GuestJoss Ackland
GuestMichael Praid
GuestChristopher Biggins
GuestHughie Green
GuestAdrian Dannatt
GuestWayne Sleep
GuestPaul Nicholas
GuestJune Havoc

Lena appears on the show to pay tribute to Bonnie, and they reminisce about working together.

A short clip of their TV show Lena and Bonnie is shown.

Film researcherSusan Tiplady
Lighting directorNino La Femina
Sound supervisorPeter Stoddart
Production assistantIrene Clark
Production assistantCarole Anne Brown
associate producerBrian Klein
Programme consultant and writerRoy Bottomley
DirectorMichael D. Kent
DirectorTerry Yarwood
ProducerMalcolm Morris
Production companyGranada Television