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The Times Details Cast Crew

The Times

The Times (London, England), Thursday, 27 July 1989; pg. 23; Issue 63457


Edward Woodward looks back at 21 years of Thames Television through a montage of old clips.

An excerpt of Lena singing I Should Have Listened To Mama from the final episode of Opportunity Knocks


Presenter:Edward Woodward
On-Screen Participant:Eamonn Andrews
On-Screen Participant:Michael Aspel
On-Screen Participant:Michael Barrymore
On-Screen Participant:Bernard Bresslaw
On-Screen Participant:Richard Briers
On-Screen Participant:Janet Brown
On-Screen Participant:Max Bygraves
On-Screen Participant:Petula Clark
On-Screen Participant:John Cleese
On-Screen Participant:Tommy Cooper
On-Screen Participant:Bernard Cribbins
On-Screen Participant:Suzanne Danielle
On-Screen Participant:Jim Davidson
On-Screen Participant:Ken Dodd
On-Screen Participant:Lorraine Doyle
On-Screen Participant:Jimmy Edwards
On-Screen Participant:Kenny Everett
On-Screen Participant:Bruce Forsyth
On-Screen Participant:Connie Georges
On-Screen Participant:Hughie Green
On-Screen Participant:Charles Hawtrey
On-Screen Participant:Benny Hill
On-Screen Participant:Tony Holland
On-Screen Participant:Bob Hope
On-Screen Participant:Mary Hopkin
On-Screen Participant:Frankie Howerd
On-Screen Participant:Rod Hull
On-Screen Participant:Johnny Hutch
On-Screen Participant:Sidney James
On-Screen Participant:Peter John
On-Screen Participant:Jon Jon Keefe
On-Screen Participant:Geoff Love
On-Screen Participant:Ronn Lucas
On-Screen Participant:Henry McGee
On-Screen Participant:Julia Mckenzie
On-Screen Participant:Spike Milligan
On-Screen Participant:Eric Morecambe
On-Screen Participant:David Nixon
On-Screen Participant:Des O'Connor
On-Screen Participant:Dave Prowse
On-Screen Participant:Tom O'Connor
On-Screen Participant:Esther Rantzen
On-Screen Participant:Andrew Sachs
On-Screen Participant:Selina Scott
On-Screen Participant:Charmaine Seal
On-Screen Participant:Harry Secombe
On-Screen Participant:Peter Sellers
On-Screen Participant:Bob Sharples
On-Screen Participant:Freddie Starr
On-Screen Participant:Eric Sykes
On-Screen Participant:Sylvia Syms
On-Screen Participant:Bob Todd
On-Screen Participant:John Williams
On-Screen Participant:Barbara Windsor
On-Screen Participant:Ernie Wise
On-Screen Participant:Terry Wogan
On-Screen Participant:Jackie Wright
On-Screen Participant:Mike Yarwood
On-Screen Participant:Lena Zavaroni


Designer:Stuart McCarthy
Videotape Editor:Roger Holmes
Videotape Editor:Dave Lewinton
Graphic Designer:Chris Connors
Director:Philip Jones
Production Assistant:Sue Mahoney
Associate Producer:Neil Shand
Producer:Philip Jones
Production Company:Thames Television