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Singer Lena Zavaroni joins Pam Rhodes for SUMMER PRAISE, a new series starting on Sunday,August 1, BBC-1.

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Rothesay-born songstress Lena Zavaroni sings on television for the first time in six years when she makes a special journey home to join Pam Rhodes for the first programme in the new series 'Summer Praise' on Sunday, August 1. Pam, accompanied by members of the Scottish Festival Choir, travels by car ferry around the Clyde Coast Islands, which is known as going "Doon the Watter". She sails from Gourock to Brodick, on the Isle of Arran, visiting Rothesay (on the Isle of Bute) and Dunoon (on the Cowall Peninsula). At each port of call the "resident" choir disembarks to join local choirs in singing hymns.

Guest Lena Zavaroni, who has battled against eating disorders and depression for several years, joins Pam at Rothesay where she revisits her old school and sings "One Day At A Time, Sweet Jesus". She also talks movingly to Pam about her-hopes for the future: "There's no spirit in me, that's part of the depression. There's no will and there's no meaning, but that word "hope" is a word, isn't it?" she says. "If there's a word "hope" then there's always hope, at any time of life."

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Lena Zavaroni found the courage to start singing again for the new series of Summer Praise (starts Sunday, August 1, BBC-1).

The Scottish songstress has been battling against eating disorders and depression for some time, and had not performed on television for six years.

"I hadn't sung for so many years that I was a bit worried," she admits. "I wasn't sure what would happen when I tried, but it was really good to find out that I could sing just as I always used to."

Series producer David Kremer adds: "We invited Lena to sing if she felt like it and were delighted when she wanted to perform for us. She was so good that clearly, despite her troubles, she has never lost her great talent."