LENA Zavaroni had been dead only a few days when club singer Ray Dexter suddenly announced that he was her fiance.

He claimed the one-time child star had accepted his marriage proposal as she lay in her hospital bed - and that her last words were: "I love you Ray".

But last night Lena’s devoted father Victor said his daughter’s small bequest to Dexter - just pounds 500 from an estate of at least pounds 100,000 - proved he had never been more than a friend…

Sunday Mirror (London, England) 30 January 2000 via The Free Library


While we can never know the truth about Lena and Ray’s relationship the idea that her “Will” proves anything is misleading there are photos of Lena and Ray together but I have yet to see them and if we did get to see them it’s unlikely they would spread any light on their relationship.

As to a devoted father that is also open to question.

Back to the “Will” if as Victor claims it proves Lena and Ray were never going to marry then it must also prove Lena did not value her friendships with Bonnie Langford and her closest friend and fellow anorexic Elly Dalziel which is not true as I am sure she did value them both.