On 6 March 2000, The Guardian had an article about Bonnie Langford which of course makes reference to Lena Zavaroni.

The problem for most child stars is that there is absolutely zero public demand for them to grow up. And for female child stars this is particularly true, since they are often cast alongside middle-aged men. Recent TV footage of Lena Zavaroni singing and dancing her heart out with Morecambe and Wise served as a reminder of how far female stars are pushed into a daddy's girl fantasy where the simpering cutie-pie must forever be nine years old.

Zavaroni paid the ultimate price for bowing to this pressure to stave off puberty. Her battle with anorexia was a direct consequence of an obsession to hang onto her infantile figure for the sake of her career.

The Guardian, Anita Chaudhuri, 6 March 2000 02.08 GMT