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TV host Hughie Green had an unswerving belief in his own talent. But, although he prided himself on being a self-styled moral guardian, his private persona could not have been more different.

He had a mercurial temper and, in spite of publicly upholding family values, he was a compulsive philanderer.

At his funeral, a colleague let slip that one of his illegitimate children was a famous TV presenter; it turned out to be Paula Yates, whose 'father' Jess had been his sworn enemy.

Green's amazing double life is chronicled in a documentary rich in archive footage and interviews.


NarratorJenny Agutter
On screen participantVictor Zavaroni
On screen participantCarla Zavaroni
On screen participantDorothy Solomon
On screen participantMargaret Zavaroni
On screen participantKaren Halliday
On screen participantJean Ritchie
On screen participantPeggy Claude-Pierre


Production executiveChristine Mathisen
Production secretaryKate Finn
Head of productionAnita Walsh
Production managerColette Ward
ResearcherDaniel Gooding
Film editorJulie Buckland
Executive producerPaula Trafford
Producer & DirectorJohn Alexander
Production companyPlanet Wild for Channel 4 Television