Lena Zavaroni died of pneumonia in 1999 aged 35

Lena Zavaroni died of pneumonia in 1999 aged 33 35

An anorexia sufferer, who has taken the name of a singing star who died of the disease, is fighting for better respite care.

BBC News, 8 August 2002

Ellie Zavaroni wants special respite care

Ms Zavaroni, who is now is only kept alive by a feeding tube, wants respite care at a specialist anorexia centre, but none is available in Lincolnshire.

BBC News, 8 August 2002


  • Lena Zavaroni was 35 years 10 months 27 days old when she died.
  • Lena Zavaroni died of Bronchopneumonia which she contracted while in hospital having undergone Neurosurgery for Mental Disorder (NMD) as a last resort to manager her depression.
  • Ellie was offered a placement in Sheffield approximately 2 hours by car and I would have thought she would be taken by ambulance if she needed one. (so too ill to take up a place offered to her in Sheffield, but not too ill to talk to the media).