THE family of Lena Zavaroni have accused an author of cashing in on the late singer's memory, I learn.

Andrew O'Hagan, deemed in the literary world to be a bright young thing, is publishing his novel, Personality, this week.

His "work of fiction" tells the story of Maria Tambini, of Scottish-Italian origin, who was raised on the Isle of Bute, wins a TV talent show called Opportunity Knocks, becomes a child star and dies of anorexia.

Zavaroni, on the other hand, was of Scottish-Italian origin, raised on the Isle of Bute, won Opportunity Knocks and became a child star before dying of anorexia in 1999.

Zavaroni's sister, Carla Bush, says of O'Hagan: "He's making money out of somebody else's life. He is using Lena's name for his own ends." O'Hagan admits he was inspired - "touched and intrigued" - by the singer's life story. But he denies his book exploits her.

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Logical Outcome of The Mirror's comparison

So as we can see from the comparison between Maria Tambini and Lena Zavaroni’s life stories is the fact that the only fictional element of this work is the claim that it’s not about Lena Zavaroni.