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The article went on to list a number of people in the public eye who it has been alleged have took part in Shoplifting including Lena Zavaroni.

I have no way of knowing if any of them did take anything or not but this article shows how broken justice is when for the rest of their lifes the individuals accused will have that sitting over them because the cases never went to court.

True justice would mean that they would get their day in court to clear their name but no the accuser gets a say in whether or not the police should investigate the matter and present the case to the Crown Prosecution Service and then it will only get to court if the Crown Prosecution Service decide it is in the public interest to prosecute.

Justice should not be based on public interest it’s in the interest of those accusing and those defending themselves from a charge and so should go to court, public interest should have nothing to do with bringing a case to court.

The Law in the UK is meant to be innocent until proven guilty so way are individuals named before the case has been heard if we have true justice then all would have a right to go unnamed until they have been found guilty. This shows the Scales of Justice is biased against the defendants.

As to Lena Zavaroni who this website is about I don’t know if she took the jelly or not, She claims she did not, Her father Victor seems to think she did and blamed it on her mental health.

As far as I am concerned about Lena or anyone accused, if the accuser is not willing to take the matter to court then they should not go about making claims to the media when they know they are preventing the defendant from justice by not taking the case to court.

If you are unwilling to take the matter to court then don’t talk about it, as you are not looking for justice only to place an unproven label on others who will never get the opportunity to prove their innocents.