The following Photo and tagline was used as part of their article.

The Queen in 1973 meeting stars Sydney Devine, Lena Zavaroni, Allan Stewart, Frankie Howerd (at back), David Soul and Dolly Parton. The Daily Record

I know what your thinking it just a typo.

Someone typed a 3 instead of a 7 but no if you go to Alamy you will see their details for the photo. The details are as follows: Sydney Devine Royal Command performance 1973 collect of sydney meeting the queen in 1973 with other famous stars including frankie howard at back of line up david soul dolly parton lena zavaroni and alan stewart

To add to this I contact Alamy some 10+ years ago and pointed out their error.

They as you can see have not fixed the error and in their reply to me they pointed out that all details are provided by the individuals/companies they are representing and can't change the details unless the individuals/companies ask them to. They did say they would pass on my comment to the related party. I have no way of knowing if they did but the error in the date is still there.

This is a simple error that could and should have been fixed, a simple error that has been echoed by in this case The Daily Record I've no doubt because some one just copied and pasted the details to get the names of the stars and then edited it a bit but not doing a proper check of the information they were using and so did not fix the date.

This is why I have to spend so much time fact checking because nothing can be taken at face value.

I created this post as an out come of checking dates for when Lena visited Madurodam Miniature City.