The entertainer, who played Cat in the cult BBC Sci-fi series about a gang of misfits onboard a spacecraft, landed his big break as a dancer for the Scots singing sensation’s seventies telly specials.

And Danny insists it helped to make him a star in his own right after he planted a peck on the teenager’s cheek during the primetime show.

The 61-year-old, who will tour Scotland this month in the stage version of the Da Vinci Code, says: “Lena Zavaroni was one of the biggest stars in telly and I started my career as one of her dancers at the BBC.

“When we were doing one of her shows, where she sang Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, me and another dancer gave her in a lift at the end of the number.

“But the producer Stewart Morris said, ‘When you drop her down, I want you two to give her a kiss on the cheek.’

“Now this was the 70s with the British National Front out on the streets and he wanted a black guy to give little Lena Zavaroni a kiss?

“The other dancer bottled it, but I gave her a kiss on the cheek. It was like a revelation.

If you watch the clip above you will see that in fact the other dancer was prevented from kissing Lena's other cheek by the movement of her right arm.


“The next day I was walking down the street and my mates are coming up going ‘Dan - you kissed Lena Zavaroni on telly, what the hell man.’’

“It was the biggest moment to happen in my career at that point. Because things like that didn’t happen on TV in those days.”

The Scottish Sun