3 August 2022

I have added a Global Permalink to the _config.yml in the form permalink: /:year-:month-:day-:title/ this will help reduce the length of many URLs plus keep them in a uniform format.

It will only impact on the “On This Day” links as I create them manually so it will take a while for me to up-date-them all other links/URLs are created automatically and so will adjust to the new locations without the need for me to do anything.

4 August 2022

I have added an OnThisDay to the list of categories which means by just adding “OnThisDay[day][month] to the frontmatter of an article it will auromatically get added to the correct OnThisDay page.

Exampe of how to format the OnThisDay:

OnThisDay[day][month] format as OnThisDay1January in the frontmatter of an article would add the article to the On This Day Page for 1 January

This means a change in the code for each of the On This Day Pages which I have started to update I will update each month just before it is due so there should be no issue for visitors.

I have already updated January & August so only 10 months to go if time allows I will update more often than just before each month is due if I can.

Best of all I found I had forgotten to add some articles to the On This Day Pages but with the new way of automatically adding content the missing pages got added with out any input from me.

Some content may still need to be added manually external links for example but this will reduce the work load for me which I need to do.


5 Augusr 2022

Completed all On This Day’s for September.