Note: Related images and links to the source of information will not be added to any new content due to content thieves, I don't like doing this but as they have such a need to use others hard work to promote themselves while making out they are contributing to Lena's' legacy when in fact their continuing theft of others hard work reduces what is shared.

Those of you who have followed me for some time will know I am open to the use of my work by anyone without the need to even mention me as it's not about me, it should be about Lena Zavaroni, but when you take the photos and remove the information supplied with them you make them valueless and not only do you take them but you then add a self-promoting watermark showing that it's about self-glory and not about keeping Lena's legacy alive you are no better than the people that exploited Lena when she was alive you are exploiting her still even in her death and exploiting her many fans as well.

Sadly this will have a negative effect on this website as some content will not get added simply because it will not work without the related images.

Those of you who support the content thieves, which you do by making use of their websites and Facebook pages will one day find that all important information will have dried up and gone away and all you will have left is a lot of pointless images of Lena that have no context when that happens remember you chose to support the content thieves.

I had such plans for Fanz Of Lena Zavaroni when I started but it became clear within a very short time that posting my memorabilia collection to contribute to the story of Lena that I had hoped to share with fellow fans was not going to work as there are too many content thieves that don't care and/or don't understand about fair use so the memorabilia remained un-shared as I am unwilling to add watermarks or reduce the size of images to make them valueless to the thieves, if we can't clearly see the images there is little point in sharing them.

I have seen many a good Fan Site/Blog/Facebook Page/ETC disappear because of the content thieves that not only take content but have bullied others, they have tried their bullying on me and they tried to get me blocked on Facebook which worked for them for only a short time before I got the block removed and still Fanz Of Lena Zavaroni continues and will continue which they hate (mainly because I got people talking truthfully about Lena and removed the fantasy Lena they wanted), I've not stopped them having the fantasy it's easy don't visit this website. They hate Fanz Of... but are happy to take its images.

As time goes on I will find ways to post the content that I currently can't as they don't work without images there is always a way it's just finding it.

I have not removed the images already on this website as there is little point as the thieves would most likely already have downloaded them, but I have no plans to provide the thieves with any new images for them to take.