From left to right: Jerry Stevens, Lena Zavaroni, Lennie Bennett Lena performs as Groucho Marx

Lennie Bennett and Jerry Stevens with guests Lena Zavaroni, Frediani (the world’s fastest juggler) and (the Boogie-Woogie duo) Che and Ray.


Presenter:Lennie Bennett
Presenter:Jerry Stevens
Singer:Lena Zavaroni
World's Fastest Juggler:Nino Frediani
Swiss Boogie-Woogie Duo:Che And Ray (Jean-Marc Peyer (Che) and Raymond Fein (Ray))


Music:Alyn Ainsworth And His Orchestra
Scripts by:Brad Ashton
Scripts by:Peter Spence
Scripts by:Dennis Berson
Scripts by:Tom Magee-Englefield
Additional scripts by:Lennie Bennett
Additional scripts by:Jerry Stevens
Costume:Philip Bryce
Make-up:Jean Steward
Lighting:John Sterling
Sound:Graham Haines
Designer:Nigel Curzon
Produced By:Ernest Maxin
Production Company:BBC Television