Lena chats to Frank Bough and Debbie Greenwood about her plans for the future.

Some online databases put the date as the 18 December 1985, I have gone with the 19 December 1985 based on the fact that Frank Bough encourages viewers to go see the pantomime tomorrow night and as we do know for a fact the pantomime started on the 20 December 1985 that puts the broadcast of this progamme on the 19th.

Also due to the unreliable data from so-call online datebases I can not confirm the other guests so have added a questionmark to them until I can find a reliable source.


  • Presenter: Frank Bough
  • Presenter: Debbie Greenwood
  • News Presenter:Sue Carpenter
  • Weather Presenter: Francis Wilson
  • Guest: Alison Mitchell?
  • Guest: Lena Zavaroni
  • Guest: Cliff Richard?
  • Production company: BBC Television