Oliver Twist refused to go up and ask for any more ‘BLANKS’

Les Dawson’s Question


Lena Zavaroni’s answer


  • Presenter: Les Dawson
  • Panellist: Lynda Baron
  • Panellist: Roy Castle
  • Panellist: John Conteh
  • Panellist: Linda Nolan
  • Panellist: Mike Reid
  • Panellist: Lena Zavaroni


  • Musical accompaniment: Ronnie Hazelhurst
  • Sound: Michael McCarthy
  • Lighting: Alan Horne
  • Production manager: Mike Pearce
  • Design: Chris Webster
  • Director: Geoff Miles
  • Producer: Stanley Appel
  • Production company: Talbot Television for the BBC
  • Subtitles: Ceefax

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