Tonight’s special guests on Lena are Frankie Howerd and The Nolans.


Series 3 was recorded in one block during the Spring, Summer Season but that one block of 6 episodes was then split into 2 blocks of 3 episodes. The reason for the split was because of the broadcasting of World Cup 82 and Wimbledon 82.

The recording of the series in 1 block made financial sense and as it turned out meant that the BBC had all 6 episodes of Lena to broadcast. where as if they had split the recording into 2 blocks of 3 then the BBC would have not got the last 3 episodes of series 3 due to Lena’s poor health during the BBC’s Autumn, Winter Season.

So while it was recorded in 1 block of 6 it was broadcast in 2 blocks of 3 which is why you will see I have identified all episodes as series 3 but added block 1 or 2 this is to make it clear that they were all series 3, as some TV listing of the time imply that in 1982 we had series 3 of Lena during the Spring, Summer Season and then series 4 of Lena the during Autumn, Winter Season of 1982.


The Evening Times television listing page

As seen in the Evening Times television listing above this episode was referred to as episode 1 of 3 so you may wishes to define the Spring, Summer Season of Lena as series 3 and the Autumn, Winter Season as series 4.

I have stuck with calling it all series 3 as all 6 episodes were recorded in one block and only broken into two broadcasting blocks of 3 episodes due to sporting events.



  • Hostess: Lena Zavaroni
  • English comedian and Comic Actor Frankie Howerd
  • Anglo-Irish girl group The Nolans


  • Choreography: Ludovico Romano
  • Director: John Coleman
  • Producer: Stewart Morius