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BBC Publicity Photo Set List Cast BBC Genome

BBC Publicity Photo

BBC Publicity Photo of Lena Zavaroni for her TV show Lena Zavaroni and Music

Set List

  • Music Was My First Love (Lena, shorter version)
  • Somebody Should Have Told Me (Lena)
  • Go to Rio (Lena and the Ace Eight)
  • Reach Out And Touch Somebody’s Hand (Lena with Adrian Hedley)
  • Everything I’ve Got (Helen Gelzer)
  • Music by the New Sensations Steel Band
  • Razzle Dazzle [part 1] (Lena and the Ace Eight with Adrian Hedley)
  • Johnny Hutch and the Herculeans (comedy acrobatic troupe)
  • Razzle Dazzle [part 2] (Lena and the Ace Eight with Adrian Hedley)
  • The Carnival Is Over/Weekend (Lena)



Hostess and Signer:Lena Zavaroni
Special Guest:Helen Gelzer
Special Guest:Adrian Hedley
Special Guest:Johnny Hutch and The Herculeans
Dancers:The Ace Eight