Lena chats on the BBC Radio show presented by Ed Stewart.

She reveals that she doesn’t like football, but her mum does.

She has fits of laughter as Ed teases her about her surname amongst other things.

She also reads out messages from the public and reveals that the recording of her single Smile, which is played on the show, took several takes and finally tells Ed that she flies out to Finland in a few days for two concerts.

Radio 1 and Radio 2

At the time of broadcast Radio 1 was only available on medium wave so when the BBC broadcasted some of its music programmes it also broadcasted them on Radio 2 VHF so that listeners with a VHF Radio could enjoy a higher quality of sound than was available on medium wave.

Media Wave uses amplitude modulation where as VHF uses frequency modulation. Fanz of Lena Zavaroni (Robcamstone)