Paul Daniels and Lena Zavaroni

Lena - 30 April 1980

During the opening credits Toast Marster Bryn Williams introduces Lena Zavaroni.

Lena opened the show singing "I Wanna Be There On The Opening Night", she then sings "Daydream Believer" Robert White then sings the song "Younger Than Springtime (South Pacific)".

Lena and her dance troupe then perform a song and dance routine (Girl Talk), Lena then sings "longer" after which she introduces Paul Daniels he performs some close up magic using coins.

He then performs a sword though the throat illusion with Lena.

Lena and her dance troupe then end the show performing a song and dance routine (Rescue Me).

Cast Credits
Hostess: Lena Zavaroni Musical Director: Arthur GrennSlade
Paul Daniels Choreography: Ludovico Romano
Robert White (tenor) Musical Arrangements: John Colemen, Alec Gould, Arthur GrennSlade, Peter Knight, Alan Roper
Toastmaster: Bryn Williams script: Neil Shand
Vocal Backing: The Kay Garner Singers Make Up: Caroline Noble
Costume: Lynda Woodfield
Film Cameraman: Chris Sadler
Production Team: Marcus Mortimer, Lynda Seton, Jackie Tyler
Film Editor: Vic Vine
Technical Manager: Lance Wood
Senior Cameraman: Ron Green
Visual Mixer: Nigel Finnis
V.T. Editor: John Sillitto
Production Assistant: Geoff Milles
Sound: Keith Gunn
Lighting: Dickie Higham
Design: Kenneth Sharp, Paul Trerise
Production: Stewart Morris

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