BBC Publicity Photo of Lena Zavaroni for her TV show Lena Zavaroni and Music

The show opened with Lena singing a cut down version of Music Was My First Love, She then sings Can You Feel A Brand New Day, followed by Just The Way You Are, she then sings D, D, D, Dancing with Gerard Kenny.

Gerard Kenny then sings Fit To Be Tied, Lena and The Ace Eight then performs a Doris Day Medley.

Lena has a short chat with Edward WoodWard, who then sings I’ve Heard That Song Before.

Lena closed the show with The Little Old Lady - City Lights and Spotlight. Fanz of Lena Zavaroni (Robcamstone)


  • Hostess and Signer: Lena Zavaroni
  • Guest / Singer: Edward Woodward
  • Guest / Singer: Gerard Kenny
  • Dancers: The Ace Eight

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