BBC Publicity Photo of Lena Zavaroni for her TV show Lena Zavaroni and Music

The show opened with Lena singing a cut down version of Music Was My First Love, this lead into The Ace Eight and Lena performing a dance routine while she sang Going Places.

This lead into Lena singing Tomorrow from The Musical Annie, this lead into The Ace Eight who perform a dance routine while Lena sings Dancing in the city.

Berni Flint then sang Beautiful Loser, Berni Flint and Lena then had a short chat which lead into them performing the song The 59th Street Bridge Song.

This lead in to a song and dance section which tells a fable about The Land Of Point with The Ace Eight, Lena, Wayne Sleep and Arrow (operated by Paul Aylett).

Notes: Arrow is a puppet dog.

The fable section of the show was based on the concept album The Point by Harry Nilsson and the related animated movie.

Lena then sang Sweet Gingerbread Man with Michel Legrand. They then have a short chat and then Michel Legrand performed Watch what Happens and accompaniments himself on the piano.

Lena and The Ace Eight closed the show with a dance number while Lena sang I Love America. Fanz of Lena Zavaroni (Robcamstone)


  • Hostess and Signer: Lena Zavaroni
  • Special guest: Michel Legrand
  • Special guest: Wayne Sleep
  • Special guest: Berni Flint
  • Dancers: The Ace Eight

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