Series 1, Episode 3

Article Warning: Description may be upsetting to some fans.

TV comedy series narrated by Victor Lewis-Smith, which poked fun at television shows down the years.

This episode contained a clip of Lena’s appearance on the Golden Shot in 1974, and Lewis Smith claimed that Lena was actually a teenage girl disguised as a child[1].

It also contained a mock shooting of Lena, and a spoof interview with Hughie Green in which crude references to Lena were made[2].


  • Narrator: Victor Lewis-Smith
  • Editor: Andy Howard
  • Production manager: Virginia Duff
  • Producer and director: Victor Lewis-Smith
  • Producer and director: John Hayward-Warburton
  • Archive Footage: Lena Zavaroni



This joke actually shows that the views some fans have on how Lena Zavaroni was dressed younger than she was, was also notice by some in the world of show business. Robcamstone


While the Crudeness is deeply offensive, there may be a hard truth within it, as some may know Lena had issues when it came to sexual relationships and so this may be an attempt to open up the can of worms as to whether or not Lena had been sexually abused.

Sadly I would not be surprised because as we all know she had to face most other types of abuse throughout her life. Robcamstone