In her first weekly column for emma, Lena describes her routine at the Italia Conti, revealing that she does her showbusiness lessons (including singing, dancing and acting) from 9.15 to 12.45. Lunch is from 12.45 to 1.30. she then has her normal lessons from 1.30 to 4.15.


Front Cover Of The Comic Emma Dated 17 June 1978 Short article by Lena Zavaroni for the comic Emma dated 24 June 1978

Former Facebook Comment

She must have really liked this tee shirt as the word "PEANUTS" is almost washed out, she probably couldn't resist buying it as she was also called peanuts when she was young. Below is a photo taken maybe a year earlier with her chaperone Zena English, the tee shirt looks fairly new, she is also wearing her favourite Scorpio medallion mentioned below in Womans Own 14th June 1975.

The real reason this Facebook post is missing is because Facebook block innocent people because Facebook are part of the cancel agenda that is the current function of social media.