Staraliśmy sie wybrac piosenki, które znajdq zastoswanie nie tylko w dyskotekach, ale których chetnie posluchacie takze w domu.
Marek Gasyński
We tried to choose songs that will be used not only in discos, but which you can also listen to at home.
Marek Gasyński

Front Cover

Front Cover for the album HITS OF BBC AND ALASKA REC 1 (1977)

Back Cover

Back Cover for the album HITS OF BBC AND ALASKA REC 1 (1977)


Label:Polskie Nagrania Muza: SX 1485
Formats:12" Vinyl 33⅓ Album

A Side

  1. Lena Zavaroni: Some Of These Days
  2. Graffiti: Come Together
  3. Gulliver: (If You Knew) The Way I Feel
  4. Bullet: Push Just A Little Harder
  5. Graffiti: Dear Prudence
  6. Lena Zavaroni: Somethin' 'Bout You Baby Like

B Side

  1. Brian Keith's Creation: Memories Of You
  2. Scarlet Jade: The Wishing Well
  3. Jefferson: Baby You've Got Everything I Need
  4. Funk Band: Jamaica Lady
  5. Jefferson: Working My Way Back To You
  6. Brian Keith's Creation: Cloud 99