Lena Zavaroni - Star For Millions

Lena Zavaroni - Star For Millions was released in Germany in 1974.

As well as 10 tracks taken from her fist 2 albums it also included the A and B sides of her second single ((You've Got) Personality) plus it had a short biograph of Lena Zavaroni along with some photos.

Front Cover

Back Cover


  1. Music, Music, Music
  2. Take Me Home Country Roads
  3. Stage Struck
  4. Wheel Of Fortune
  5. The End Of The World
  6. River Deep, Mountain High
  7. (You've Got) Personality
  8. Ma ! (He's Making Eyes At Me)
  9. Kis Me, Honey Honey, Kis Me
  10. Help Me Make It Trough The Night
  11. School Is Out (correct title is School's Out)
  12. What A Wonderful World