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PodcastDescriptionAudio Table Of ContentsLena Zavaroni
SourceEPICURE HS-04 Chauve-Souris Amélie-Fontaine
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Description of the episode

Today, I'm not the only one to talk to you about these very important little creatures, the bat; I have the pleasure of recording with Amélie Fontaine, doctoral student in science, at McGill , a super bubbly girl supervised by Kyle Elliott, from McGill University and by Anouk Simard, from the Ministry of Forestry, wildlife and parks.

The little bats have been spinning bad cotton for a few years (cf: white muzzle syndrome; but it's not about drugs I'm talking about.) and many other perils can dangerously bring several species of bats -native mice to suddenly disappear from North America.

All music during the interview is by Vangelis and the closing track is: "The end of the world" performed by Lena Zavaroni on the Tonight Show.

Audio Table Of Contents
0:00 minPresentation of the episode
3:40 minAmélie's journey
8:05 minThe main threat to bats: white-nose syndrome
16:55 minPopulation monitoring (hibernacula and maternities)
21:10 minLiving with bats
26:40 minOther threats: wind turbines, loss of habitat, disturbance in the hibernacula, pesticides, evictions from maternities, …
38:15 minThe annual cycle of bats
40:30 minInstalling bat houses
57:20 minThe different aspects and collaborations related to Amélie's doctorate
63:25 minHow to get involved as citizens
74:04 mimLena Zavaroni sings "End of the World" on the Tonight Show.