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The Podcast "D-Sides, Orphans, and Oddities" has been taken down and is no longer active on any podcasting website's. I don't know why but I would say it would be a fair guess to say it was for copyright reasons. which is why I will not be uploading a copy to this website.
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About This Episode

Steely Dan - Kind Spirit (1980) Outtake from the Gaucho sessions.

Steely Dan - Were You Blind That Day? (1980) Ibid. Became "Third World Man".

Steely Dan - The Bear (1980) Ibid.

Cocaine: The Champaign Drug Ad For Eyewitness News Somewhere.

Dope! The Dope King's Last Stand, Side 1. - This 1977 Album was nominated for Best Children's Recording at the Grammys.

David Frye - Nixon Gets High (1969) American comedian, impressionist and satirist, specializing in comic imitations of famous political figures. He was one of the nation's top political humorists during the 1960s and 1970s.

Dino, Desi & Billy - Spray-Colored Glasses (1969) From the movie "Follow Me".

Dino, Desi & Billy - Hawley (1969)

Gary Lewis and the Playboys - Doin' The Flake (1965) Have you ever seen the Gary Lewis/Jerry Lewis Hullabaloo?

Gary Lewis and the Playboys - I Saw Elvis Presley Last Night (1969)

Gary Lewis and the Playboys - New In Town (1967)

Gary Lewis and the Playboys - Then Again Maybe (1972)

Dino, Desi & Billy - Lady Love (1970) The group was never a favorite of the critics. Writing for Allmusic.com, music critic Richie Unterberger characterized them as a group that "never had an ounce of credibility", with music that was "innocuously bland in the extreme." These sentiments may be contrasted with the fact that the band was well thought of by the Beach Boys, to the extent that Brian Wilson and [Billy]Hinsche co-wrote one of the band's original songs, and their final single, "Lady Love". That single was released by Reprise Records in 1970, after the group had broken up. Hinsche's sister, Annie, married Carl Wilson and Hinsche himself worked with the Beach Boys as a backing musician for many years.

Dino, Desi & Billy - A Certain Sound (1970)

Lena Zavaroni - Jump Down Jimmy (1980) at approximately 1:03:08 into the podcast

Orson Welles - The Begatting Of The President Pt. 1 (1969)

Rich Little - President's Rap (1982)

Ultimate Spinach - Suite: Genesis Of Beauty (In Four Parts) (1968)

The Burns - I Saw Her Standing There (1969)

The Burns - Sky Pilot (1969)

David Frye - The Dick Nixon Show (1971) A good article about a very Vaughn Meader-like character in American showbiz.

A fake interview with Dwight Eisenhower. Very funny. (Maybe 1965?)

Eric Burdon & War - A Day In The Life (1968)