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With thanks to Loving Lena Zavaroni for the post that lead me to Kate O'Sullivan & this podcast.
Podcast Summary
Kate O'Sullivan started doing other people's voices professionally when she was 10. Since then, she has appeared on a raft of TV and radio shows like Who Do You Do, 2DTV, Hedz and Double Take and is the voice behind several leading commercial brands. Funny, talented and engaging.
Starting Out
When O'Sullivan was a child, her first television appearance was in Seaside Special (1976). This was followed by appearances in Crackerjack, where she was awarded the title "Crackerjack Young Entertainer of the Year 1978" for her impressions of Frank Spencer, The Muppet Show, Margaret Thatcher, and Lena Zavaroni in Crackerjack. On winning the competition, for which 900 other hopefuls had auditioned, she was given an Aiwa stereo system, a signed photograph of Bernie Clifton, and a coveted Crackerjack pen.