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HOOTS! Grab the hand-sanitiser, whatever's left of the scotch and remember to stick a lump of coal in your pocket for The Peggy Mount Hogmanay Hour!

Messrs Velvet, Blackout and Bognops rouse from their festive sloth to see in the new year, or perhaps more pertinently see out the old.

We drop in with Dame Penelope Keith assuring that us The 70s Stop Here!, an unequaled archival treat which values schedule-filling over entertainment value.

But the razzamatazz is cranked back up as we jump forward six years, down two channels and up across the border for STV's The New Year Show, where a clinically-lit studio in Glasgow plays host to Dame Russ Abbot (yes, again), Dame Lena Zavaroni (yes, again) and a swathe of 'well-worn' light entertainment stereotypes under the auspices of Dame Jack McLaughlin. It is indeed a time for looking forward, not back.

Which of our heroes was dragged out and around the houses at midnight at the end of December as a six year old? Which of them finds himself trapped in a time-vortex as New Year's Eve replays its televisual self verbatim and the new year becomes the old year again? And who suffers an on-mic flashback to day zero of a pathological trifle aversion? Forget your old acquaintances, and find out...

(NOTE: If you want to count down to midnight with us in the show, start the podcast at 23:12:10. That's twelve minutes and ten seconds past eleven o'clock at night. Lovely stuff.)