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PodcastDetailsLena Zavaroni
Podcast Spoken In English
Episode is currently on Dailymotion Are You Being Served S7/E5 'The Hero
Details of the episode
  • “They called me ‘Hugger Humphries’”.
  • The “Week of Love” social post was a hit online!
  • Mr. Brandon loves the Elton John Christmas song; Mr. Jeff disagrees.
  • The great strike of 1978 thanks to Margaret Thatcher.
  • The “same for my friend” gay customer returns some shrunken socks (he still lives alone).
  • Mr. Lucas’ Columbo impression that isn’t bad at all.
  • Mrs. Slocombe’s pussy comes of age.
  • A space/time continuum paradox in AYBS?
  • Was Tiddles’ age a secret clue to a parallel timeline conspiracy?
  • Who was Lena Zavaroni and why did Tiddles not like her? - aproxamitly 13:38 into the podcast.
  • Canadian fried chicken (And hockey jokes).
  • Give her the key to the door? A right of passage when one turns 21.
  • Capt. Peacock is in a foul mood: Mr. Goldberg knows why.
  • Why couldn’t anyone say “bum”? (Was that a super naughty word to censor on TV in 1979?)
  • Mr. Jeff adores malaprops (and Kath & Kim).
  • Boil puns!
  • Peacock’s red rubber ring; Mr. Humphries does a spit take!
  • Mr. Harmon comes into the canteen and blurts out what’s not being said: Mr. Brandon dies of giggles.
  • The actors were genuinely laughing during these scenes.
  • Everyone knows the first rule in shop keeping.
  • Mr. Franco let it out that Peacock has a boil.
  • Peacock was a welterweight in Marsa Matruh but what does that mean?
  • “A bit of the pink” joke unpacked.
  • Misogyny in the workplace.
  • Did Britbox edit out a scene where Lucas and Humphries make a Nazi gesture to call Peacock Hitler-esque?
  • There’s a boxing ring on the floor at Grace Brothers.
  • Sneaky ways to get out of a fight with Franco: antibiotics, Grace’s permission? Cowardice?
  • Hugger Humphries!
  • Mr. Franco was played by then-popular real life wrestler Jackie "Mr TV" Pallo. (Think WWF)
  • Theory: guest stars who were actors don’t get applause breaks but celebrities otherwise do?
  • Mr. Humphries (who is NOT free!) in the ring! (John Inman did his own stunts)
  • Flying propeller! Patagonian nose hold! Brazilian elbow jab!
  • Mrs. Slocombe saves the day!