Spoken Language: English

“They called me ‘Hugger Humphries’”.

The “Week of Love” social post was a hit online!

Mr. Brandon loves the Elton John Christmas song; Mr. Jeff disagrees.

The great strike of 1978 thanks to Margaret Thatcher.

The “same for my friend” gay customer returns some shrunken socks (he still lives alone).

Mr. Lucas’ Columbo impression that isn’t bad at all.

Mrs. Slocombe’s pussy comes of age.

A space/time continuum paradox in AYBS?

Was Tiddles’ age a secret clue to a parallel timeline conspiracy?

Who was Lena Zavaroni and why did Tiddles not like her? - aproxamitly 13:38 into the podcast.

Canadian fried chicken (And hockey jokes).

Give her the key to the door? A right of passage when one turns 21.

Capt. Peacock is in a foul mood: Mr. Goldberg knows why.

Why couldn’t anyone say “bum”? (Was that a super naughty word to censor on TV in 1979?)

Mr. Jeff adores malaprops (and Kath & Kim).

Boil puns!

Peacock’s red rubber ring; Mr. Humphries does a spit take!

Mr. Harmon comes into the canteen and blurts out what’s not being said: Mr. Brandon dies of giggles.

The actors were genuinely laughing during these scenes.

Everyone knows the first rule in shop keeping.

Mr. Franco let it out that Peacock has a boil.

Peacock was a welterweight in Marsa Matruh but what does that mean?

“A bit of the pink” joke unpacked.

Misogyny in the workplace.

Did Britbox edit out a scene where Lucas and Humphries make a Nazi gesture to call Peacock Hitler-esque?

There’s a boxing ring on the floor at Grace Brothers.

Sneaky ways to get out of a fight with Franco: antibiotics, Grace’s permission? Cowardice?

Hugger Humphries!

Mr. Franco was played by then-popular real life wrestler Jackie “Mr TV” Pallo. (Think WWF)

Theory: guest stars who were actors don’t get applause breaks but celebrities otherwise do?

Mr. Humphries (who is NOT free!) in the ring! (John Inman did his own stunts)

Flying propeller! Patagonian nose hold! Brazilian elbow jab!

Mrs. Slocombe saves the day!