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On this week’s This Is Our Everest, your intrepid heroes are at the beach for the BBC’s Seaside Special from August 1975. It affords them ample opportunity to explore their relationship with light entertainment, as all the while Tony Blackburn fights for his life against the cruel tides of the English Channel. Fortunately for everyone involved he was rescued by the Royal Navy just in time, allowing the tragic life and death of to test Ian’s faith in God and children telling jokes test Edward’s, only for a lousy golf-based comedian to challenge him yet further. Roy Hudd chastises the elderly, there’s a slightly incongruous appearance by a music hall legend and once again we ask the poignant question: was there any real need for the creation of Orville the duck?
Two Hundred Percent
The Evolution of Fanz of...

The section on Lena Zavaroni starts at approximately 22:39 into the podcast and a comment about the Fanz of Lena Zavaroni YouTube Channel gives me the opportunity to explain how "Fanz of..." evolved.

When I first started a website it was on "wikia" and was called "Fanz of... by Robcamstone" and covered various topics of interest to me a captured version of the website via the Internet Archive's' Wayback Machine: fanz-of-by-robcamstone.wikia shows how I had started to create individual wikis for indivdual personalities.

Due to issues with "wikia" I moved away from there and moved to Google Blogger for a short time still using the name "Fanz of... by Robcamstone" Trying to do too much so I then closed down my Google Blog and started a GitBook for each of the following individuals Blondie, Bonnie Langford, Lucy Worsley, and Lena Zavaroni with each of them starting with the prefix "Fanz of" I also had a YouTube channel for each of them as well as a Facebook page after a short time I found GitBooks limited in what I wanted and moved to Github and GitPages where I have been ever since.

Changes in how Facebook Pages worked meant that the format I had been using with them had to change and I use the opportunity to reduce my online work load so I closed down "Fanz of Blondie" completely and changed the format used for the other three it became clear that keeping up-to-date with the work of Bonnie Langford and Lucy Worsley was a hard task and so I finally closed down the Facebook Pages for them both and also closed down the GitHub and GitPages for them as well the YouTube Channel for "Fanz of Bonnie Langford" is still available as of 15 February 2024 I deleted the "Fanz of Lucy Worsley" YouTube channel as most of the content related to her gets blocked.

Various playlists are on my main YouTube channel (Robcamstone) so all previous "Fanz of..." may be represented on there via Sections that contain related playlists.

A section called "Fanz of Alice in Wonderland" which containts playslists name "Alice In Wonderland - Films", "Alice In Wonderland - Stageplays" and "Alice In Wonderland - Television".

Fanz of History" which then has a history related playlists, "Fanz of Music" which then has music related playlists, ECT.

Fanz of Lena Zavaroni

The above changes has gaven me more time to work on "Fanz of Lena Zavaroni" the real success of "Fanz of Lena Zavaroni" came when people found out they could speak freely about Lena's life and death and would not get shut down for doing so. I also started doing the "On This Day" section on the related Facebook Page which gave visitors to the page a reason to return each day.

Sadly due to the current cancel culture that Facebook has taken part in the Facebook Page and it's "On This Day" stopped being a thing so I closed down the Facebook Page and added an "On This Day" Section to this GitHub / GitPage powered website.

WHY? Fanz of...

As to the question why? "Fanz of" and not "Fans of" this is down to my love of Doctor Who I use to (well still do) listen to a series of audio comedies by Unregenerate! Productions which has the title "Fanz" and is about a group of Doctor Who fans that meet up once a month in their local pub.

See more details via the Internet Archive's' Wayback Machine: vspace.co.uk:80 So as commented on in the podcast it's not because someone else is using "fans" or that I was echoing the Z in Zavaroni wish that had been the reason but it's not, it's simply because of a comedy based on Doctor Who.

Update: 13 February 2024

After 4+ Years Facebook have finally unblocked this website (which should never had been blocked in the first place) and its content can again be shared on Facebook but I have no plans to reinstate or start up a new Facebook Page.

I never received a reply into my request as to why they had blocked it? And the request to unblock it was ignore for 4+ Years. All the requests were ignored.

I never received notice that Facebook had finally removed the block and I never received an apology for the inappropriate blocking of this website.