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A long-running British local ITV newscast for the Granada North West region, including a short 4 minute lunchtime bulletin, a main 30 minute evening bulletin, and a 12 minute late bulletin broadcast on Monday to Friday, plus one 6 minute evening bulletin on Saturday and Sunday.

Lena appears as a guest on the main 30 minute evening bulletin.

A short referance to Lena Zavaroni is made in the song Lucy Meacock by The Lancashire Hotpots.


As the only available video clips of the broadcast breaks fair use by having an unlicensed watermark, I will not embed them. Therefore I have provided just the audio.



Presenter:Lucy Meacock
Interviewee:Lena Zavaroni
Interviewee:Richard O'Sullivan
Interviewee:Dorothy Solomon
Interviewee:Keith Chegwin
Interviewee:Jack Wild
Interviewee:Nicola Rowan
Interviewee:Caroline Rowland
Interviewee:Mike Rowland
Interviewee:Daniel Hunt


producer:Christine Ruth
Director:Tony Prescott