Lena performs You Keep Me Dancing, before being interviewed by Brucie.

They then perform a duet on Something Extra to close the show.


  • Presenter: Bruce Forsyth
  • Co-Presenter: Anthea Redfern
  • Guest: Lena Zavaroni
  • Guest: James Hunt
  • Guest: Tessa Wyatt
  • Guest: Christian
  • Guest: Martin Shaw
  • Guest: Alex Stepney
  • Dance Troupe: Thirty Two Feet
  • Vocal accompaniment: The Third Kind
  • Musical accompaniment: Alyn Ainsworth And His Orchestra


  • Choreography: Bryan Rogers
  • Choreography: Ken Warwick
  • Musical associate: Don Hunt
  • Musical associate: Trevor Brown
  • Programme associate: Barry Cryer
  • Programme associate: Garry Chambers
  • Programme associate: Colin Bostock-Smith
  • Programme associate: Andrew Marshall
  • Programme associate: David Renwick
  • Floor manager: John Quilty
  • Production manager: Myra Hersh
  • Executive producer: David Bell
  • Director: John Kaye Cooper
  • Director: David Crossman
  • Director: David Bell
  • Production company: London Weekend Television

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  • It seems to be a theme with all media databases that the information they given is limited and open to question.
  • In the case of this TV programme they have not listed the guests on the show and have defined it as a film.