24 March 1974

24 March 2011

Article Warning: Description may be upsetting to some fans.

  • —— ( years ago). The Campaign For Truth published the following article:

    Death in a White Coat

    The famous British child star had been struggling with anorexia for 22 years. In September 1999, after years of psychotherapy, anti-depressants and electroshock treatment had failed, she was admitted to the University Hospital of Wales at Cardiff for a lobotomy. In spite of warnings that the discredited operation could destroy her intellect, erase parts of her memory and change her character, Lena and her family persuaded themselves that it was for the best. After all, Britain’s most skilled ‘brain surgeons’ would be presiding. Bob Burrows, a spokesman for the hospital, pointed out to the London Times that the operation was performed using the latest cutting-edge technology:

    “We are one of the UK’s premier teaching hospitals and at the leading edge of research and medical technology. Miss Zavaroni came to Cardiff because we are one of the few centres in the world that carry out this operation.”

    Lena died of a chest infection two weeks after the operation. She weighed just 49 lbs.

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