3 October 1982: years ago Lena Zavaroni stars in Harold Fielding’s Sunday Night at the Blackpool Opera House.

3 October 1985: years ago The Stage and Television Today featured an article reporting that Lena was considering taking driving lessons, having been offered a free course by a local driving school.

3 October 1999: years ago media links related to the death of Lena Zavaroni:

There are many more articles I could have added links for, but just from the three I have add we can see that investigative journalism and factual reporting were not inuse, based on the inaccurate headlines.

The true of the death of Lena Zavaroni has been buried with great success by those involved with her medicinal treatment.

The death certificate simply states that Lena Zavaroni die of Bronhopneumonia and the verdict of the inquest was Natural Causes.


3 October 2006 years ago The Mirror Website published an interview by Ellie Dalziel: